Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Link Building - Zero to Hero

I am an absolute novice when it comes to all things Google, blogging and link building. So I have decided to set myself a challenge of climbing the mountain that is Search Engine Optimisation. Here is our website, which I hope to climb the rankings with. I am still learning, but as far as I am aware, there are several things that need to be in place in order to give me the best possible chance of success. (I am yet to do any of this)

1 - Lets start with the basics: Keywords in my website's code and alt tags for all my images. My key words vary from product photography to food photography & studios. I will also alt tag all my images with a various combination of my key words.

2 - Set up Google Adwords. Although this is not organic listings, the theory is, if I give Google a bit of business they will pick my website up on their radar. In fact, do everything that Google offers such as Analytics, Maps and others. These are free and will hopefully get you on their radar much faster.

3 - Social networking. Take advantage all the Twitfaces, Blogspots and Linked Ins out there. These are great for link building, interacting with other business and directing traffic to your site. As I understand it, the more traffic you get, the higher you will climb.

4 - I just thought of this one. What if I created a forum on my website? Over time this could build up a ton of traffic. Note to self: Look in to adding forum to your site.

5 - Link Build. The more back links to my site, the higher I will climb. I have taken advantage of most of the free business directories out there such as myfreeindex and businesslinedirectory. These are great for a bit of free exposure. I am also submitting regular press releases which I hope will help.

6 - Finally, the most interesting and exciting of all. I have downloaded a piece of software called CommentKahuna which is designed (as far as I understand) to enable you to very efficiently target relevant blogs and easily post comments and, most importantly, a link back to your site/blog. I am yet to use this, but it sounds promising.

So that is what I need to do. Can I go from zero to here? I will update this blog with my triumphs and pitfalls until one day, I make it to the top. 

Update 23/02/2011
Learn to walk before you run.
 I have uninstalled Comment Kahuna as my PC did not like it at all. Every time I tried to do anything with the software, I got warnings from Microsoft. What I did realise was, at this stage, there is no reason why I can't manually locate relevant blogs and comment on them the normal way. I am not a fan of spammers and I certainly don't want to become one. I will start off simple and if I see results, perhaps I will use similar software to Comment Kahuna, but pay for it.